ERI Summit

Hosted by DARPA’s
Microsystems Technology Office

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San Francisco

July 23-25, 2018

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“Since my 1965 paper that ERI references, what has actually happened in the intervening 52 years is far beyond anything I contemplated.  It is a testimony to the creativity of many engineers and scientists that the industry has surmounted apparent roadblocks that looked to be the end of transistor scaling.”

- Gordon Moore, December 1, 2017

The Electronics Resurgence Initiative

The microelectronics community is facing an array of long foreseen obstacles to Moore’s Law, the transistor scaling that has allowed for 50 years of rapid progress in electronics. Announced in June 2017, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) ERI calls for innovative new approaches to microsystems materials, designs, and architectures.

What to Expect

To jump-start innovation and foster forward-looking collaborations across the U.S. electronics community, DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office will host a three-day event, bringing together those most impacted by the coming inflection in Moore’s Law.

The ERI Summit is an opportunity to discuss and explore the future of electronics systems with senior representatives from the commercial sector, defense industrial base, academia, and government.

Hear from Leading Voices

Keynotes from Dr. John L. Hennessy, chairman of Alphabet, and an ensemble of leading voices in the semiconductor industry—such as Applied Materials, Intel, Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, NVIDIA, IBM, and many others—will address the challenges and opportunities facing the next 50 years of progress in electronics.

Meet the Teams

The Summit will announce research teams selected to spearhead DARPA’s six new “Page 3” programs, which aim to complement traditional scaling and ensure continued improvements in electronics performance. Designed to fulfill the post-scaling predictions made by Gordon Moore on the third page of his seminal 1965 paper, these six programs aim to activate the exploration of new microsystem materials, designs, and architectures and usher in a new era of circuit specialization.

Agency experts in electronics, computing, and microsystems and their research partners will also discuss the significant work already underway in DARPA’s “foundational” electronics-focused programs.

ERI Thrust Areas

Materials & Integration

Can the integration of unconventional materials enhance conventional silicon circuits and continue the progress traditionally associated with scaling? Read more...


Can we enjoy the benefits of specialized circuitry while still relying on general programming constructs through the proper software/hardware co-design? Read more...


Can we dramatically lower the barriers to modern system-on-chip design and unleash a new era of circuit and system specialization and innovation? Read more...

Driving Applications

Discover the applications that will determine the next generation of electronics. Read more...

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